Monday, May 19, 2008

Work Your Fingers to the Bone

Hello, I'm Southern Femme, and I'm a workaholic.

There... I've said it. Restated - I like to work.

Is that so wrong?

I've made the decision to take three days off these week, and with the holiday next Monday, I will have been off work six days.


I agreed to take a few days off, but not without stipulations.... and I will stick to these!

1. I will NOT sit around the house and wait for others to wake up while they sleep until noon.

2. I will NOT do housework the entire time I'm off work. I hired a housekeeper for that, YOU told her not come every week.

3. I will NOT take off work to do YOUR work. I've given you advice and plenty of suggestions to help you along your path. It's up to you to put them to work.

4. I will NOT deny the kids the opportunity to get out and enjoy the beautiful HOT (much too soon this year) weather just because you don't want to go outside. They deserve a chance to get to know the great outdoors.

5. More NOTs when I think of them.

Have a nice day. Y'all.


Southern Sage said...

you tell em girl!

Anonymous said...

Work is great! I'm glad to know that you work and work hard!
I hate when people make me feel guilty that I work. I am a teacher and have summers "off". However, it never works out that way and I teach for a good part of the summer. My family always comments that if I am supposed to have summers "off" than why am I working?

Gee I don't know because I like it? To make more money? To keep myself busy? The truth is, is that I love what I do for a living and when you enjoy work, you work.

So southernfemme, you just keeping on working and do what you do best!

southernfemme said...

Thank you, anon. I do love my job and quite frankly, I'm good at it. It think if I weren't then people wouldn't turn to me for help so much. If I neglected my family, then I would question why I work so much, but I don't.

So, work I shall!

Thanks again!