Tuesday, July 17, 2007


In the past I've written about having another "self" that none of the people who actually know you knows exists, and what they would think of you if they knew how you really and truly felt about certain issues. Would their opinion change about you? Would you lose them as a friend? Would they embrace your divergent ideas?

I suppose it comes down to trust.

Well, what if you befriend someone and after only knowing them for a short time, you open yourself up to them. What makes you trust this new friend more than someone who's known you for most of your life and has been with you through pain, pleasure, joy, and suffering? Does it speak well of the new friend and any less of the old ones? any less of yourself?

Or have you suddenly decided it's time you trust yourself? Not someone else. Yourself.

Trust. I'm happy I've decided to place some.

In myself. And you.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Yet Again

I've decided to start writing again. Not sure why I feel compelled to, but I do. This time I will try not to fall into the habit of writing to entertain or writing for others. Instead, I'll try to write what I happen to be thinking at the time, and perhaps I'll toss in a few stories about growing up in the south.

Going on a short trip next week, but I'll be back here soon.

Would love for you to join me.