Tuesday, July 17, 2007


In the past I've written about having another "self" that none of the people who actually know you knows exists, and what they would think of you if they knew how you really and truly felt about certain issues. Would their opinion change about you? Would you lose them as a friend? Would they embrace your divergent ideas?

I suppose it comes down to trust.

Well, what if you befriend someone and after only knowing them for a short time, you open yourself up to them. What makes you trust this new friend more than someone who's known you for most of your life and has been with you through pain, pleasure, joy, and suffering? Does it speak well of the new friend and any less of the old ones? any less of yourself?

Or have you suddenly decided it's time you trust yourself? Not someone else. Yourself.

Trust. I'm happy I've decided to place some.

In myself. And you.


Mad William said...

Interesting. I have never found it easy to trust others. I trust myself. I try to give what I expect back. If that changes someones opinion of me, I find I am usually better off without them.

Plantation said...

I think trust has to be earned. How it's earned is another question. Time and instincts are two factors. I'm thinking you've actually 'known' this person a lot longer than the 'short time' you've stated. Congrats on your big step forward!

Neil said...

I think most people are pretty open to everything and you shouldn't be afraid of letting your guard down.