Sunday, May 25, 2008

She Feels Pretty, Oh So Pretty...

For reasons that I'll leave for the therapists to decipher, my best friend has generally projected a slightly more masculine look rather than girlie girl, yes, like me. Not that I have a problem with this at all. Mind you, she is always impeccably dressed - starched Ralph Lauren shirts, tailored slacks, polished Italian leather loafers, stylish, nice jewelry from Tiffany or David Yurman - very professional, very polished. Honestly, if I could afford to wear the type of clothes she does, I would consider giving up the girlie girl image! But, occasionally, I think she lets her clothes determine how she feels about herself as a woman, and I think that deep down she'd like to explore the girlie girl side a bit more. Anyway...

Recently, best friend tried on a dress she was to wear in a wedding. A gorgeous dress. Strapless, beautiful, formal gown. While attempting to help her zip up the dress - another giggle-filled story there - I asked her if she had a strapless bra, corsette, bustier, basque, or any type of garment that would suck you in, push you up and out, and create curves.

Her: "Uh, nooooo."

Me: "Uh, time to go shopping."

'Cause we all know it's what lies beneath the gown that makes the gown, right? RIGHT! So, we went shopping to find the perfect "first time" suck you in, push you up and out, create curves undergarment.

A brief aside... I'm a lingerie junkie. If it sucks you in, pushes you up and out, creates curves and is made of lace, I WANT it. Lace and garters and underwire, OH MY.

Ummm...back to shopping.

Nothing too over-the-top.

UH... no.

Nothing too edgy.

UH... NO.

Slightly demure, lacy, and sexy.

Uh, YES!!!

Well, this isn't the exact garment, but it's close. Perfect first-time underneath secret.

When she tried it on, she bit her lower lip and said, "Wow."

And I said, "You go, girl."

My stylish-yet-slightly-masculine best friend had just felt the transforming power of lacy undergarments. Oh yeah!

So.... I got a call from the wedding after she had her nails done, and her hair done in an up-do, and had dressed for the wedding, and had taken the first wedding pictures.

Her: " Oh my GOD. I feel so beautiful! I look beautiful! Everyone says I look beautiful. Thank you for making me buy this lacy suck me in, push me up and out, create curves thing. Oh my GOD. I feel like... like ... like a sexy, beautiful woman."

And she is.

Cost of gas for shopping trip: $35

Cost of lunch for shopping trip: $30

Price of lacy undergarment: $50

Hearing your best friend scream with delight because she feels sexy and beautiful: PRICELESS.

Here's to you, Babe!


Mad William said...

Oh My, indeed.
I'm a big fan of the lacy undergarments. Not just on me either.

BTW, it's nice to have you writing again.

Anonymous said...

I too have never realized how great undergarments are!

southernfemme said...

Thanks, madwilliam, I don't know how faithful I'll be with writing, but it's nice to be back. Doing ok with the move?

anon., oooh la la for the lacies!

Jersey said...
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Mandy said...

Keep up the good work.